I am a veterinary graduate turned into software professional. I like traveling, adventures, Horses and Photography.  I won several medals and  prestegious championships like "Best Rider's Trophy", Charminar Challenge" and IMA/NDA/NCC trophies at national level in equestrian sports in India, including "The Duke Of Edinburh's Award" for Adventurous Activities.

I am also an avid watcher of National Geographic and Travel Channel for programs like "The Great Migration of Masai Mara" in Kenya and for shows like Africas Deadliest, Surviving the Serengeti, Blood Rivals -  Lions vs Buffaloes etc.

All these has helped me in nourishing my passion for Africa and wildlife. And  to indulge in my passion for wildlife, I  began exploring the enchanting world of photography, especially the wildlife photography.

Wildlife is not just restricted to the animals. Nature teaches and reveals so many secrets and teaches so many fascinating things to us. It gives me immense pleasure just watching different kind of animals, birds and their natural behavior in the wild and photographing them in their natural habitat.

Yes ! I also like to capture homo sapiens !!